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PE and Sport Grant

Lump Sum-  £8,000.00

Pupils Aged 5-11 (January census) = 95   Unit cost £5.00

Total allocation  £8,475.00


Sports teacher for one afternoon a week-£2,441.70

SDG Sports partnership membership- £1,700.00

Transport to sports events- £2,210.10

Cricket coaching-£200

Tennis coaching-£70

Outdoor adventurous sport activities, 1 full day for each class-£2,000.00

Total spending-£8,621.80


All children have been involved in competitive sporting activities

All pupils have received specialist coaching in at least two disciplines

All pupils in school have worked on sporting activities with pupils from other schools

The general level of fitness of most pupils is improving

All pupils have experienced working as a team

Staff are developing skills in teaching PE by observing and working alongside specialist coaches

P.E. And Sport Grant